Should I Break Up With My Frenemy?

You know how they say that you are who you spend the most time with....well...honestly I am not a big fan of that quote BUT, it is true that who we engage with and have relationships with can have a big effect on our sense of SELF. [i know it has for me!]

SOOOO many of us are walking around repressed, angry, and bitter BECAUSE of the "friends" we have chosen. Having healthy and happy relationships should make a big difference in our ability to play out a life that allows for and encourages us to be right with our own selves. SO what do we do when we can tell that we are not happy with a relationship, how do we go about changing our friendships, and when should you decide to break up with a "frenemy"?

In this video, I share 5 major points of thought to help you come to a conclusion that feels right for you and your relationship.

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;) ;) ;) ***i do not condone sending this to your frenemy*** ;) ;) ;)

TW: In this video, I mention topics relating to abuse, if you need support for this issue here are some resources:

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