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Updated: Sep 29, 2020

- Can I Just Be? Podcast | Episode 5-


Okay, guys, I've been afraid to share this topic for a while but at the same time, I've always wanted to.

In this podcast I go over my life in general, I share some of the events that I experienced as well as just my general thought process of where I am today because of how I lived then.

Now...this is a long-ass podcast. I have been going back and forth between whether or not to re-do it or to break it up into smaller chunks but honestly, I don't want to. Sharing your life with the world is a scary decision, and any theatrics that comes from making it "sound better", I believe, dilute the message and if people want to hear it, they will, whether it's 3 30-minute sessions or hours long.

I only want the people who want to know me better to care enough to sit through it all. So, just remember, I am very much nervous about getting negative feedback so be nice, please :) but also if you listen to this whole video, I am very appreciative.

okay...:) below I will list hotlines and resources as mentioned in the podcast. be blessed! (also I don't know what happened to my mic but the audio sucks, I'm still learning!)

Thank you so much for listening!

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Self Harm

Domestic Violence

Child Abuse


Substance Abuse

Sex Addiction

Mental Health PEER support

NON-Peer Chat Sites:

Medium Article Mentioned:

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