Feeling Disconnected?

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

"Can I Just Be?" Podcast Episode 4

Thanks to the #coronavirus a lot of us are feeling pretty disconnected right now.

So what does this mean, what is happening and how can we combat it so that we don't torture ourselves in this time of isolation?

In this episode, I talk about the very real feeling of loneliness and disconnection.


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Medium Article Mentioned: Stop Having Feelings About The Coronavirus! [The Denial Of Anxiety During Times Of Anxiety]

Resources Mentioned:

Official Covid-19 (coronavirus) information: cdc.gov who.int

Hotline & Mental Health Chat Sites:

Self Harm & Suicide - bit.ly/chathotline & crisistextline.org Domestic Violence - thehotline.org Child Abuse - childhelp.org Rape - rainn.org Addiction - samhsa.gov PEER support - iprevail.com

NON-Mental Health Support Chat Sites:

jesuscares.com/chat justanswer.com loveisrespect.org teenlineonline.org thetrevorproject.org

Normal Conversation Chat Sites:

asexualcupid.com friendship.com.au justchat.co.uk patook.com


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