20 MLM Companies You Can Join Right Now

A while back I did a video on whether you SHOULD join an MLM and whether you have decided that, YES you will, or you're still doing your research (which I think is awesome of you!) I thought I'd share a quick list of companies that you can join today!!!

These are 20 MLM companies that are established and running smoothly. Some of these are older companies that have been around for a long time and some are pretty new but have been doing very well in the industry.I tried to share both really unique companies and some classics :)

I tried to make sure that I only shared companies that I know. I have not been a member of all of these but I know people who are, who have been, or who use the products. There are sooo many companies out there so it's important to know that these are NOT the only ones. (I purposely left out a few that I don't like because I feel like they have shady business practices and if you would like to know which ones those are, I will gladly share my opinion in private, so comment below.) The companies are in alphabetical order because I didn't want to rate them or anything like that, I think that there is a product or service out there for everyone and, how "good" a company is, is completely reliant on how much passion the person offering it has.

MLM members rely on their voice heard being and people seeing their products so I asked friends of mine to share their links and statements telling you what they think about the companies they've joined. I genuinely believe that there is good and bad in every company so I've asked for positive statements only. If you'd like to ask deeper questions and know more of the possible challenges you might face, please contact each person through their site individually :)

Below, I will also, link a few websites that are great databases to find more information on MLM companies. Please click on the underlined statements to visit the company's direct sites.

1. Ambit is an energy company.

This is a really interesting company! Most of the time when you think of MLM, you don't think about your utility bill (unless you buy a lot of makeup every month) and yet this company has created a business opportunity from the ability to help people set up their homes. It is such a unique opportunity and it requires a love of genuinely wanting people to have the best deal! :)

"I started almost four years ago. What I love is, I am not asking anyone to spend more money. They already use electricity and natural gas."

- Lawrence W. Crow

"Ambit Energy is a company positioned in the deregulation of energy industry. It is a unique company because of the fact it has one product. Like most MLM companies success can depend on your upline. I was blessed with an amazing upline that really got me off to a fast start. I have found Ambit Energy to be a competitive product with a strong compensation plan."

- Leroy Johnson

2. Arbonne is a skincare and health company.

"A lot of people have so many preconceived notions about MLMs .... and I know a lot of people will talk about the freedom and flexibility MLMs offer you as well as the opportunity to make far more money working fewer hours, and all of those things are great, but what a lot of people don't consider is the incredible opportunity you have to build long-term WEALTH as opposed to just a residual income. Many people are so preoccupied with earning an immediate income that they forget to focus on the building blocks that will make their business far more valuable and sustainable in the long run.... My business is willable, which means if anything happens to me, my husband will continue to get checks from Arbonne for fifteen years. If I have a solid business built, that kind of financial help is invaluable. I am literally building my future family's security and peace of mind with every step that I take in my business. It's hard work and requires patience, but the payoff is far beyond anything I can earn at a 9-5 job."

- Kristina Baldwin

3. Avon Products is a beauty, household, and personal care company.

OH the Avon Lady is at the door!! Knock Knock! :) My mom was the Avon lady and so I have a special love for this company. I used to go walking with her and helped her go door to door to sell beauty products. These days it's much easier to run a business online and it doesn't require so much walking!

"Avon is amazing! Not only do you get an amazing family standing by your side supporting you through everything, but you also get an extra income and chance to earn amazing vacations!"

- Cait Pendergrass

"Avon is a great company that's been around for over a century, and is an icon. They offer affordable products for everyone! It's a great company to work with because you'll get a free eStore and there are no monthly quotas to fill. You can sell at your own pace and they offer a great compensation plan, along with generous leadership bonuses when you build a team....It means that I can work from home, building a business, while providing my customers with great service on affordable products. Building my team means that I can empower women to work for themselves, while growing a successful business."

- Melissa Hagan

"when I had to stop working after the birth of my 3rd child, I am a stepmom also so I have 4 children under the age of 7 in my home my oldest 2 both having special behavior needs. You know what that means? Lots of child care expenses. This decision was not easy at all for me to stay home, I had been working for 10 years straight....I started looking into direct sales which I was brand new to and....Avon stuck out to me.....I have made a lot of friends, and relationships either it be with customers or other Avon reps. There is support and ideas for my Avon business all over social media as well, so I never feel like I’m doing this by myself. I’m also part of an amazing team of women(and a few great men). We all are in easy access to each other, weather it’s for ideas, or celebrating success. It’s an Avon family. One team, one Avon."

- Attalah Lonewolf

4. Barefoot Books is a children's book company.

I love Barefoot books, it's another one of those super unique companies that sell a unique product, BOOKS! They specifically sell books for kids and allow for the people buying the books to also sell them. I have bought books from them and while I don't have kids, yet, I love the idea of being able to share my love of books with my kids and working it into a business opportunity. barefootbooks.com

5. Beachbody is a fitness and nutrition company.

I started my health coaching business as a Beachbody coach and I loved the passion that people had for the world of fitness!

"Beach body changed my life. That sounds cliche but its deeper than that. Through beach body I have made supportive, charismatic friends. I get to help people while working on myself. I really love the personal development piece - not just about being physically healthy, mental health is important too. This is really a holistic focus and THAT has been a blessing"

- Laura Bekkerus

6. Cutco is a cookware company.

I personally have a cutco knife in my kitchen, it's the one in all my cooking pictures because I absolutely love it. It technically belongs to my brother-in-law but I do the cooking and he won't notice when it's gone (muahaha). 7. Direct Cellars is a wine club company.

"Every month I love receiving different wines from all over the world. I'm able to learn about where they came from, what flavors I should taste and what the wines pair best with."

- Vanessa Esquibel

"Direct Cellars, has expanded my Pallet and appreciation of Premium Wine from around the world. It has also allowed me to share my love of wine with other's, as well as receiving weekly and monthly residual income. I am excited to see where this journey will take me, and I am passionate about connecting and helping other's do the same. At the end of the day it is all about the wine."

- Kelly Bobbin

8. DoTERRA is an essential oils company.

"I’ve been using DoTERRA and building a business for the last 5 years. DoTERRA has empowered me to take a natural approach to my health and wellness.... DoTERRA has truly changed my life and the lives of many of my family and friends. "

- Nancy Toia-Mitchell

"DōTERRA has changed my life in so many different ways. Because of DōTERRA, I don’t have daily back pain anymore, I have a healthier gut (and I lost weight without trying), my emotional health is good, I don’t get sick as often, and I learned how to make my home toxic free. It has also provided me with a financial income. Now I help others learn these same things, so they can live a healthier life too. I believe my purpose in life is to help improve the lives of as many people as possible."

- Certified Essential Oils Coach Marissa Gaston

9. Forever Living is a health and nutrition company.

I will forever remember the mini milk gallon looking containers that were in our fridge as a kid. My mom has struggled with autoimmune health problems her whole life and this was one of the companies that she trusted. It started the Aloe Vera craze and if you ever go into Mexican Carnicerias, you know they have these products behind the display.

10. Jafra is a beauty, skincare, and spa company.

Jafra is a big company but it's not as big of a household name these days. My mom sold it when we were kids and I still have great memories of the products we used. My mom also gained a lot of training in beauty and business through them. I genuinely believe this is a company to check out.

"I've been with Jafra for a little over 2 years now. I've had months where I've totally knocked it out of the park and months that haven't been so stellar. But the great thing about it, is I still get support and encouragement. The Jafra community is absolutely amazing and honestly cares about YOUR goals."

- Heather Malm

11. Leggings Army is an apparel company.

With the growing trend of Athleisure Wear it makes sense that companies would embark on the MLM route to distribute their merchandise. This is a fairly new company that was just founded in 2014!

"I love how we have sizes for everyone and they are good quality clothes"

- Stephanie Gonzales

12. MaryKay is a cosmetics and personal care company.

MaryKay is synonymous with Multi-Level Marketing. Maybe you've seen their pink vehicles around town? This company gives you a bright pastel pink car (or lately i've seen Cadillacs) when you reach their upper levels. They have been around since the dawn of time, just kidding...but Mary Kay Ash, the founder of the company, is a role model to all Women and Entrepreneurs alike!

13. Melaleuca is a health, household, and personal care company.

Melaleuca may sound like your average health and wellness MLM but it's not! It's basically an online grocery store that allows you make money from your regular household shopping. This company does require that you be invited in order to shop with them!

"I love working with Melaleuca because I truly believe in the products. It’s outrageous that as a society we are using harmful chemicals around our families and putting them into our environment. So many don’t know about the independent lung study that was completed over 20 years, in 9 different countries with over 6,000 participants that showed using products such as Lysol, Windex and even Febreze just once a week is equivalent to you and your family smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years. I love that I have zero kits, zero quotas and zero risk. Instead of buying products I don’t need to fill a quota I’m simply purchasing my normal shopping list and buying items I need for my own home use that are the same price as my local Walmart and much higher quality. "

- Caitie Depelteau

"I am a stay at home mom and started using Melaleuca products almost a year ago and just love them. They are non toxic, all natural and smell great! I love keeping my family healthy."

- Lisa Weintraub

"II tried several options to improve my health and relieve the financial strain I was under. I still wanted to help people, but I myself was chronically ill, drowning in student loan debt, credit card debt, and medical bills. I was determined to overcome my situation, but I was very lost. I wasn’t sure what to do. I couldn’t afford to change my career. I wasn’t earning nearly enough to climb out of debt.... Finally, a friend of mine introduced me to Melaleuca. I have now paid off over $33,000 in credit card debt, am working to pay down my student loans, and am kicking type 2 diabetes butt! I no longer feel like I’m just trying to survive life. I’m thriving! And the best part about it is that I get to help others thrive."

- Michelle Roberts

14. Pure Romance is personal care company.

Personal care is a very toned down way to explain what this company sells. This is a very unique company and is definitely not for everyone! Pure Romance sell Sex Toys and "relationship-enhancement" products. These parties are hilarious and make for a great girls night out. Talk about a UNIQUE company.

15. Royal Prestige is a cookware and kitchen company.

I remember going with my mom to these parties and seeing the shiny pots and pans and thinking how nice it would be to have all of them and they matching. This is an OLD company dating back to 1959! It has stood the test of time and that is usually for a reason.

16. Scentsy is a home-fragrance company.

Scentsy is one of those companies that have quickly become a household name, mainly because, everyone wants their candles in their home!

"Becoming party of the Scentsy Family has truly been a blessing to me. Sure I used the products a lot.. but having major depression and social anxiety this company has truly helped a lot. Not only do I step out of my comfort zone but it helps me push myself. In 2017, as I battled through cancer not only did I have the support from my team but I had amazing support from Home Office. Scentsy not only helps me financially by send me on free trips, giving me bonuses and most importantly helping me give my children a better life but they truly have helped me mentally, and emotionally. When they say you sign up to be part of a family they truly mean it, through the highs and the lows there is always someone there to help your through it all."

- ReGina Petrie

"So my experience with Scentsy has been awesome....They provide all the training and information needed to succeed at the company the way you would like to. I never intended to run it as a business, was just going to sell to family and friends but then, seeing other consultants on their earned incentive trips and our recent Family Reunion has given me a renewed push to go that it better. I have gained genuine friends and overcome any anxiety I had about talking to people I didn’t know. It has even helped me overcome anxiety in my personal life. My 11yr old daughter lives Scentsy just as much as I do and loves to talk to people about it as well."

- Rachael Franey

17. Tupperware is a household and decoration company.

This is the epitome of direct sales parties. Ever heard of a Tupperware Party??? Aside from being a major brand, this company has been around since 1946, and it created the craze of direct sales and network marketing in general. This company allowed women to make their own income by throwing parties where they just showed their friends their latest kitchen stuff. These days, as women, we like to shy away from the image of a homemaker who shouldn't have a career but back in the day this was a very difficult transition and believe or not, it still is for many women! This is one of the companies that helped pioneer working women.

18. World Ventures is a travel company.

Maybe you've seen the vacations pictures with people holding a blue "YOU SHOULD BE HERE!" banner and wondered, "how do I get there???" Well, this company helps you do just that! This is another unique and pretty young company that has capitalized on people's yearning for adventure (at a reasonable price) and added a business component!

19. Younique is a cosmetics company.

I share Younique here because it's the Makeup MLM for the new young generation! While companies like Avon and Mary Kay are established household names, Younique has allowed for the new wave of Insta-marketing and YouTube makeup tutorial videos.

"I'm with younique. The company helps women that have been sexually mentally and physically abused. This spoke to me. The company is founded on this and has a retreat and gives makeup money to these women."

- Tiffany Shaw

20. Honorable Mention

The MLM world is growing and through it so are other non-conforming businesses and so I want to share these new companies that are making news for their interesting products. In the U.S. Medical Marijuana is growing business and several companies have taken advantage of it. I just think that is an awesome display of how far reaching the home-based business world is. (Since Marijuana is not legal everywhere, these companies only run in certain places or only offer certain legal components in their products. I decided to add them at the end as one MLM opportunity.)

Changing The Future Outcome

"My forte was pediatric nursing before I became disabled at an early age. Helping people has always been a major part of me and my life, it's in my soul. Now since joining CTFO my life's passion (of course My first priority is my family) is helping people by offering them the CBD Oil products for the relief they so deserve. "

- Darlene Berube


Illuminent CBD

"My daughter reached out...saying she was having issues with anxiety and depression...as any parent would do the right thing and get their child help, we went the traditional route...the medicines they put her on made her worse and the side effects were horrible....I came across illuminent....the first night after using illuminent, my daughter slept through the night like a baby she said for the first time in months....I was not looking to sell, I just wanted to help my daughter feel normal again, but watching her and seeing how well he was doing, I started to share slowly with my family and I was so surprised how on-board they were. ...I love helping people feel better and nothing feels better than those amazing testimonies of it working for them. CBD was their last resort to feeling better and much healthier, I can't wait to grow and be a leader with the company. "

- Sheri Hetherington

I hope this article helps you come to a decision about your MLM career. I also hope that it has given you some insight into the possibilities and the inspiration that this industry creates in people's lives. If you are in the industry and want to share your story, feel free to leave a statement and your link in the comments below. I tried to include just the impact ​​statements that were shared with me, rather than the details about the products or services, I recommend you do that same since people can look up the products, they can't look up your experience. (No Spam Posts, NON-MLM will be deleted.)

In the end, it's not about selling a product but selling the impact and the changes to a person's life.

Learn how to market your MLM business by checking out some of my other MLM posts that teach you how to get leads and be successful in Network Marketing. Also, make sure to download my free book, Attraction Marketing, to create your step by step PLAN to build your BRAND & become an AUTHORITY in your industry.


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