The Importance of Tracking Results

The importance of tracking results

Whether you're losing weight or creating a new marketing plan, tracking your results is important. You can't know where you're going without knowing where you have been. This is something that I have struggled with myself. Sometimes we just want to start and forget where we have been but it makes a huge difference to your results overall. So if you are hoping to see real long term results, tracking them may be the key. Here are some of the reasons to track your results.

Check outcome of activities

"Today's progress was yesterday's plan." - Unknown

Did running a mile a day make a difference for your weight?

Did following 10 people per day help you gain more followers?

Did reading for half an hour each night help you get a better grade?

What did you do and how did it affect you? Everything you do will have a result and it will either be closer towards your goal or farther back but in either case, you can learn from it. You don't have to spend hours going over data, a simple note stating what you did each day will help you. Something as simple as jotting down the times you woke up and fell asleep could help you see if your sleeping is affecting your performance at work or affecting your health.

Keep what works, change what doesn't. Not to make it sound too easy but... sometimes the change itself can be. If you notice a pattern where everytime you do a certain activity it pushes you farther from your goal, learn from that observation and start to take steps to change it.

Check off your list

"Determine a single measure that you can use to grade you progress and success in each area of your life. Refer to it daily." Brian Tracy

Another great aspect of tracking your results is being able to see the progress taking place throughout your journey. Sometimes we do all this work and we think its not enough or nothing is happening. When you look back though you can see that you have done so much. When we work with specific measures, we can know with certainty what has taken place and what still needs to be done.

Be more productive

"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." Will Rogers

On the flipside...if you think you're getting a ton done but you're doing the same things you were doing last year and getting the same results then there's a chance that you are just sitting there when you could be moving up. There is always room for improvement and even when you feel that you've hit the top of the mountain, it takes work to stay there and not be run over by others. In the fields of marketing and business, everything is changing, and you have to stay on top of it. When it comes to your health, most of the work will come after you hit your goal weight. and.... since perfection is not possible, personal development is neverending.

Create goals & Plan more

"Once you know your goals you should measure your progress to achieve them. Seeing your favorable progress will serve as positive reinforcement to continue your hard work and seeing negative progress will alert you to something you should change to get you back on track." Jerry Bruckner

So you hit your goal, now what? What is next? Was this a mini goal that is helping you get closer to your next bigger goal? What can you start now that will help you get where you want to be next month, or next year, or in the next decade? If you know where you've been and you know what you have been able to do, then you can keep going. That's the beauty of seeing your results down on paper, all your confidence is proven to yourself. You will know your potential. You will be able to modify it if need be. You will hit whatever goal you set your mind to and that you keep track of!!


I really hope that this inspires you to want to start keeping track of the work that you are doing! If you need help setting up a plan of action, book a coaching call, I'd be honored to help :)