The Next Wave of Social Network Marketing

Social network marketing is starting to become one of the most successful methods to earn income on the Internet today. Some people are earning thousands of dollars in commissions every month by employing this strategy, while some others are failing completely!

If you’ve yet to join in the social media marketing madness, there are variety of things that you should really know before you enter into this competitive market-place.

You need A Strategy in Social Network Marketing…

One of the first things you should do is to have a look at what your competition is doing on social media sites, find out what they are doing right! You’ll find a number of names turning up all the time, and those are the successful ones who you ought to be following. Think of them as mentors because they are obviously doing something right! Social networking is similar to cultivating friendships off-line, you stay in contact and you spend long hours with these people and learn from them. You have heard the saying that you are the culmination of the 5 people you spend the most time with, well the people you follow online are the ones that will influence you. Unlike a standalone web site, it is about interaction. The word “social” means exactly that.

On top of creating an amazing business, you’ll be create amazing friendships!

You probably already have a personal Facebook page that you visit all of the time to have interaction with your real life friends. If you are serious about building a business, you will need to create a business page on Facebook. Facebook does not allow ads on your personal page and you want to avoid being placed in Facebook Jail!

Now it is important to brand yourself as a business person.

Some people believe that you must completely separate your business life from your personal life but as Diane Hockman once said “when your business becomes your lifestyle and your lifestyle becomes your business, things will change.” Now, I do believe that it is important to post responsibly, no one wants to do business with a party animal or someone who is at the bar every night. Part of branding yourself is marketing the lifestyle that your business is allowing you to have. Your personal page is a great place to show your lifestyle, and your business page is the place to post your business information.

Video Social Network Marketing:

YouTube is an awe-inspiring opportunity to earn income, there are uncountable billions of hits on videos each day, so if you need to become part of the social networking scene, learn how to make excellent videos and brand yourself by being in them.

You do need to get over being camera shy , video making just involves some learning and practice. Video has become a vital component of marketing these days, you find them everywhere in e-mails, on websites, in blogs and on other social media sites.

It’s exactly like in the old days of face-to-face marketing, when people went out and stood in malls, or invited people to their place for Tupperware parties, when people see you, like and trust you, then they’ll buy.

Social Media Marketing is Attraction Marketing! It’s all about people coming to you.

To draw in people you have got to show your face and you should be smiling. Posting an image of something aside from you, isn’t going to work. In fact posting a picture of your product or your company’s logo, will most often backfire and cause people to avoid you.

If people like what you write, like what you say, then they may naturally want to know more about you.

There’s a skill to social network marketing, and remember you do this to generate qualified leads. You are practicing attraction marketing. Think about those leads. Think about branding yourself.

Done properly you literally can create leads on demand, pocket thousands of dollars in commissions, and sign up more people in a month than most people do all year long… By simply promoting one huge online social network marketing system.

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