The 4 Personality Types

Sometimes we forget that we are all very different people and in the excitement of meeting a new business prospect we make a simple yet immensely important mistake. We disregard the person’s personality and what they deem important.

We don’t all want the exact same thing.

One person may be extremely excited at the thought of making a certain amount of money with our compensation plan and yet another may find that to be a useless factor in deciding to join us.

Understanding the different personality types helps us in business and life in general.

It’s all about learning to listen and respond to the people around us and understand what their own goals, ambitions, and want are.

So what are the 4 personalities?

Here they are categorized into colors, Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green.

Red’s are highly motivated by the idea of getting those multiple figure incomes and being at the top of the charts. They are the most commonly referred to and whom most companies spend money on advertising to. It’s easy to appeal to someone who wants status and to win competitions because business is about making money and being a part of a Network Marketing company means a shot at being the best. These are the people that you can detail out compensation plans to.

Blue’s are the fun lovers. These kinds of people enjoy the idea of going on trips, going to events, attending seminars or dinners. They like to meet people and like striking up conversations. They are not big on details so don’t spend too much time trying to explain the features and specifics, they want to know if they’ll enjoy being a business owner. This is a perfect time to tell your story and talk about how fun and exciting it was to attend your company’s cruise or meeting all your mentors at the last seminar.

Yellow’s care. Simply said, they are the people who want to know how they make a difference in the world. They like to be the change they want to see and they care about how they will be helping others. Focus on the good your company is doing, are they helping fight obesity? Are they donating to charities? Are they planning group mission trips? Talk about how they will be able to help and you will win them over!

Green’s are the system lovers. They want to make a carefully thought out decision and will need exact details. They want to know that they will be able to make it work and what tools you have to offer to help them do it. It’ a perfect time to mention the new lead generation program you are using or the awesome support groups that have been built to help new members.

Not all people into all group and not all people are strictly one color. This is why it is so important to get to know your prospect. They will soon reveal what they find to be most important in their life!

After all, we want people to join because they want to do this and it will help them reach their goals.

Do your homework and get the grade