Self Care is a MUST for Entrepreneurs!

People entertain the idea of going into business for themselves because they want a different lifestyle.

While money is a big allure, most people recognize that it’s not money that brings happiness but the results of having that money; freedom.

People want the freedom that money brings and while many regular jobs can offer the money part they don’t offer the freedom part. Think of high power executives who work overtime and never have time for their families.

Enter>>> home business!

We picture ourselves drinking margaritas on the beach while relaxing and being an entrepreneur offers the possibility for financial stability plus that freedom we so desperately crave.

I came into entrepreneurship for that same reason. I envisioned a life without panic attacks and a bubble bath every now and then. I experienced the dread that comes from waking to an alarm every morning and never having time for my or my family. I saw a world where I could be in control.

Many people enter the industry with the same hopes.

But too often, we find ourselves enveloped in the same amount of stress and with little to no time left for friends or family, let alone for ourselves!

It is easy to become hyper focused on our goals and deadlines. We want so bad to just make it big that we forget why we started in the first place.

Running a business from home can offer amazing benefits but we must be open to receiving them and enjoying them. (Keep reading as I will share some self care must do’s)

I know what you are thinking: “I feel guilty”, “I don’t want to waste time”, “I could be working on my business”, etc.

We have been conditioned to feel this way. Coming from the regular job world has left us with some bad habits. When we were working for other people, we were basically under their command. We walked into the office and for the 8 hours we were there, we did work for them, our lives were indebted to the masters of our paychecks. We took breaks when they allowed us and ate our lunches quickly so we could go back and continue earning a living.

As entrepreneurs, we sometimes like to think of our home as our office. We feel since we work at home, we must work while at home. So taking breaks and spending time with family feel like were not being loyal to our bosses(ourselves).

This carries a heavy toll. We can end up experiencing the same drawbacks as working for someone else. We find ourselves without anytime for our family, friends, or ourselves.

It is absolutely crucial that we don’t fall into this trap. Working from home can be the miracle you have been waiting for your whole life but it can also lead to burnout and breakdowns or even affect your family dynamic.

Self care is a must!

You need to take time for yourself and your family.

The first task to tackle is your belief system. You must understand that taking care of yourself is not selfish! You cannot run a business if you cannot take care of yourself.

Here are some things you should do each day to take care of yourself:

  • Get good sleep! (Make the times consistent so that your body can get used to the schedule. Inconsistent patterns increase stress and decrease concentration)

  • Eat healthy meals at regular intervals! ( Make sure to get the 3 major meals and add a snack in between. This will help regulate your blood glucose level and you will feel consistent energy throughout the day. The dreaded 2 p.m. crash happens when we force our bodies to go extended times without nutrients)

  • Stay Hydrated! (Drink half your weight in ounces and spread them out throughout the day.)

  • Exercise! (Even if its just a walk, add at least 30 minutes of activity to your day. Not only is this beneficial for your body it will also help you with stress)

  • Make time for your mental and spiritual health! (I can’t tell you how many successful entrepreneurs give this as the number one must do for each day. You can start your day with meditation. This doesn’t have to be a fancy chant and funny pose. As Christian we’re called to meditate on God’s word and to worship Him. This act prepares you to handle each day with a positive attitude and strong force)

  • Seek out help! ( It is easy for us to become disconnected from the world when we’re alone at home. Even if your business revolves around people most of the time we don’t use these people for support. It’s important to have a group of friends to contact when things get tough. Some even go as far as having a therapist or a coach to talk through any of the bigger issues that can arise.)

  • Personal Development! (This is something that I recommend as just a part of being a business owner. Many of us start this journey with absolutely no idea how hard it will be and sometimes getting to a new lever requires a new breakthrough. Spending time learning and growing will give you the edge you need to advance your business to and connect with people on a new level.)

  • Do something fun! ( Take that bubble bath, get your nails done, read a book for fun! Do the things you want to do and enjoy the fact that you have the freedom to do them. This is the reason you wanted freedom in the first place, to be able to enjoy that freedom. This doesn’t mean that you only do these things and never get work done but schedule time for fun in your week. Go golfing or to the pool. Leave the guilt behind and ENJOY YOURSELF!)

  • Disconnect and spend time with family! (Put your phone away during dinner, talk to your kids, talk to your spouse. Make time for the important things in life and your business will grow around them.)

I want you to close your eyes and imagine the perfect life. What would you be doing and who would you be doing it with? What do you have time for? What do you enjoy?

This is the image of the life you want and you don’t have to wait for some magical day, your vision can start today!

This is what entrepreneurship offers us, the freedom to live the lives we want.

Now go ENJOY!

& Share this with any fellow entrepreneurs :)