How To Overcome The Fear Of Prospecting

Prospecting is not a dirty word but for some reason it feels like it. Being in business, whether its your own or someone else’s requires prospecting and a fear of doing this activity can seriously harm your business’s success.

I just got done watching an a great training from the Ray Higdon about this topic and I couldn’t wait to get online and share his insights.

As you may know, Ray is no stranger to the Network Marketing world and he and his wife have created an 8-figure empire because they know how to prospect. Yet many of us, including myself, have this major fear of reaching out to people.

Ray covers in his training why this fear exists and how to get passed it. (Keep reading and I will give you access to his entire training.)

So why are we afraid?

It is because we are putting the importance of our SELF IMAGE above the importance of creating IMPACT.

We put so much importance on what others may think about us that we focus solely on ourselves and forget that we have a product or a service that could genuinely help people.

We also put the POSSIBILITY of getting a negative response above the PROBABILITY of it actually happening.

Most people wont be jerks unless we are jerks and most people aren’t actually creating a horrible image of us in their brain just because we reached out to them.

You may have experienced times in your life when a person did act horrible towards you and of course you were very sure that they had a completely skewed view of who you are.

Because of this occurrence, you may now hold a fear that this will happen every time you try to help someone.

This is my horrible experience. I was a fairly new employee at one of my previous jobs and I had not gone through any sales training so I had not experienced setting people up with a new program. I just wanted to help people. One day we were overbooked and my manager asked me to help with a client she had an appointment with. I was told to just show them the products and set them up with what they needed. Young and eager, I asked a ton of questions and for every issue that man had, I told him what product would help. He decided to wait to buy his things later. A few days later when I needed to check in with him about his program and asked if he had been taking his required snacks, HE FLIPPED OUT on me, started yelling at me, and threatening to report me. I was shocked and just sat there not sure what was happening. In my head, I was just helping, but in his mind, I was a greedy salesperson. Needless to say this experienced left some trauma.

So maybe you have had an experience like this and because of that, you feel like it is POSSIBLE for it to happen at any time but the PROBABILITY of it happening again is not high. For one, you have learned from this experience. We are constantly learning and getting better so that we have more positive experiences, or at least more ways to deal with the negative experiences.

What we need to do is MARRY the PROCESS and DIVORCE the OUTCOME.

Is every person going to join your business? No.

Should every person join your business? No.

Not everyone is right for what you do and not everyone is right for you. But you can only find out, if you ASK.

Ray suggests being like a waiter/waitress. If a waiter asks you if you would like some dessert or recommends their favorite, and you say no, you don’t expect them to blow up in your face for not getting what they want you to get. You also don’t expect that waiter to go home and cry and quit their job. Be the waiter/waitress, and just ask.

“I want to help others. The ONLY way to help others is to offer them a way to get help. Not everyone will join but NO ONE will join that doesn’t get asked.” – Ray Higdon.

In his training Ray shares more information about how to “Pitch” your MLM, how to find the “Perfect” person to join your business, how to build your MLM business without talking about it, and how he personally generated over 100k in one year, and how you can too. Check it out here.

I hope this information has helped you understand why prospecting is so scary and how you can change your perspective in order to overcome that fear.

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