How to Make Chile Colorado

Green Chili is very popular in Colorado where I live but I grew up on a different type of chili, Chile Colorado. It was actually the first “red” food I was willing to try as a kid. I thought red meant spicy so I was afraid. While this recipe can be made spicy, typically it isn’t. This is the dish that inspired my love of hot foods! it is by all means my favorite Mexican Dish!


  • Tomatillos ( Those green tomato looking vegetables wrapped in a green leaf)

  • Chile Guajillo (Look for the isle with the red dried peppers in bags and find this name on it)

  • Onion

  • Choice of Meat (typically pork or beef ribs but can be made with ground beef or even chicken! You can try tofu if you are vegan!)

  • Potatoes and Cheese are both optional!

  • Salt to taste. (Pepper optional)

  1. Clean the tomatillos and peppers. Take the stems off and place in a big pot with hot water on high heat.

  2. Cook your meat. I usually cook my meat with minimal seasoning so that it doesn’t change the flavor of the chile. You can add salt and pepper. My dad was always very much against using pepper but I like the flavor it gives food. It’s totally up to you! The amounts are also up to you, I like making a lot of chile so that it covers the meat well and if I get leftovers I can use it with other meals (like enchiladas). Since potatoes are also optional, keep proportions based on your specific meal plan.

  3. You want to blend the cooked chile and tomatillos with fresh water so drain the water it was cooked in and then add and taste as you go. The chile should be bittersweet and tangy but the tomatillos should not take over so much that you can’t get the flavor of the chile. When you have hit the right spot to your liking add a quarter to half an onion and blend in. I also add about a half teaspoon of salt here.

  4. This is the hard part. To get the right consistency, you need to get rid of the seeds and extra pulp in the batter. I run the batter through a colander. You need to use a metal wire one. This takes the longest and is the messiest so wear a shirt you don’t like. Use a spoon or fork to stir the sauce inside the colander so you can get as much sauce as possible. You can throw away the remaining pulp and seeds.

  5. Once you have the nice even sauce go ahead and add it to your cooked meat and let it boil together. The chile will pick up the flavor of the meat.

Now you are done and can serve with a side of healthy Mexican rice and add cheese if you like!

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