Helping People Rise

People can only meet you at the level that they are at.

Think back to when you first started. Did you believe the things that you believe now?

Sometimes we can get arrogant and forget our humble beginnings.

It took work for us to grow and get to where we are now … so why do we expect others to magically hop up here and meet us where we are.

People can only meet you at the level that they are at.

It doesn’t matter, how much proof of our successes, we show a person who is still at ground level unsure of the possibility of them even making a move, they won’t be interested. You will meet people who are closed off from hearing your advice or your beliefs because they’re just not where you are, they don’t know what you have already learned nor have they experienced the changes that it took you to get to where you are today.

So then what’s the point of trying? How do we engage with people and show them that they too can live like us?

Well first off … with patience. You wouldn’t be where you are today if someone hadn’t been patient with you.

And second, with teaching. Someone, somewhere, took the time to teach you what you have learned. Once you were able to grasp the ideas and understand their meanings, you were able to take action.

Which leads to the third step- giving them actions to take. They can be as small as asking a question that will make them think to inviting them to join you in a group, an event, or an opportunity. But you can’t skip steps.

You can’t ask someone who’s never even thought of improving their lives to join a life-changing business opportunity. They won’t be open to it.

You need to be what the people above you, were for you,… value givers.

How many Tony Robbins or Gary V videos have you watched?

Would you have bought their product if they had just been strangers hitting you up on Messenger?

Probably not, but with all the free value they constantly put out, you will stand by products whether you have bought them yourself or not because you just know that they are value packed!

You understand that they are at a higher level than you are, and when you watch one of their videos, they are meeting you where you are. They are teaching you how to step up and rise.

So instead of expecting people to fly right off the bat… build them the steps to reach you.