The First Step To Weightloss

Do you eat when you’re bored, angry, happy, etc?

It’s because we have associated feelings with an action.

Essentially we’re conditioned.

It goes deeper though, it’s not just about the action of eating (or say… getting high, or drunk, or any other harmful action.)

The action is just a place keeper.

Hear me out…

For example:

Sometime in your life you may have learned that feeling angry meant you had to act angry with violence, you may have experienced a parent lash out when angry so you associated that feeling with that action.

You also may have learned from society that that action was bad, or Inn the least inappropriate. So you got stuck not knowing what to do when you felt anger.

You either didn’t feel it or you lashed out like your parent did. Since neither option was satisfactory you instead chose a place keeper action to help you deal deal with the emotion.

So now, anytime you feel that specific emotion, you shove it down with food.

So how does understanding this help you with changing your actions?

Well, first you need to understand that, emotions can be felt without an action following them.

You don’t have to eat or lash out.

You can just feel it.

Not feeling it, is not a realistic nor a helpful reaction and often times it creates a bigger problem.

So the first step is to learn how to FEEL again.

There’s a reason why so many programs for weight loss, addiction, alcoholism, and etc, fail; they ignore that there needs to be work done inside.

I’ve lost and gained back weight and yes the programs worked, the nutrition was on point. But, neither healthy food nor exercise will help if I don’t look inside and figure out why I choose bad food in the first place.

So ask yourself, what emotions am I suppressing?

And Why?

Then work on step 1…. Feeling.