Why is Patience a Virtue

I’ve never had long hair. I’ve always wanted it but I’ve never had the patience!

Simply, put I am incredibly impatient.

I get bored easily and I like “new”. I’m the dog in Up. I have a tiny attention span. So I am frustrated and annoyed with my hair but I know that this is a lesson. I know that something I need to work on is patience.

I know that I need to get through my anxiety and work through the frustrations. My hair is not the most important thing in the world. But there will be soo many important things in this life that I will have to be patient for! I have years before i can have kids and that’s killing me but I know I’m not ready, so I have to wait. I want a home but that’ll be a while, so I have to wait. I want a thriving and constant business, but that takes constant work, so I have to wait. I want to go to heaven….but that’s a lifetime away (God willing), so I have to wait.

That’s means being patient and staying strong. It’s easy to get bored. It’s easy to fall for the newest shiniest option!

But if you keep quitting, you keep starting over, and you keep waiting… I want to get there, and that starts with learning patience.

One hair at a time.