What is Your Vision?

In this morning’s Wake-up Call with Steve Krivda, Steve talked about our vision. That picture that we have in our minds that keeps us going. He said “sometimes you’ll create a vision and people are going to laugh at it” and “were told we’re foolish because dreams don’t come true” and I know these things well, I’ve had my share of ridicule. He also said that “saying I failed is better than saying I never tried” and that “many people die with their dreams in them”. And I definitely dont want to be that person!

I always knew I would be different. As a kid I dreamed of a life that was like no other and my vision has grown and has gotten stronger. He asked us to describe our vision so here goes. I see myself waking up with my kids and husband in the morning to tend to the garden and feed the animals while we talk about the cycle of plants and habitats for animals. I see myself teaching my kids how to make breakfast and teaching them the science of food while we cook. I see us sitting in a room with books reading and learning. And spending time teaching them about God. I see us deciding to take a drive out to Mesa Verde to learn about the Anasazi or to Arizona to learn about the Grand Canyon. I see us living in a tiny house on our own land. I see myself going to a park to play and run everyday. I see both me and my husband working from our laptops and knowing that we can tend to our kids every need. I can imagine the lack of worry because we can be there. We can take them with friends and to clubs and sports and know they are safe. We can be in charge of them learning about everything and teaching them to be people who put others first. I can see my husband teaching the kids how to build a solar panel and me teaching them math because that’s what we’re good at. I see us going to museums, art galleries, sport games, and church. I see us living a tranquil and nerdy life where we’re not too tired at the end of a long workday to spend time with our kids and where we don’t have to worry about the basic necessities of life

. My vision doesn’t include a mansion or fancy cars or expensive schools. (Although my husband does want a motorcycle.) I have a vision of simplicity and that comes less often when we choose to follow that path everyone else is already on.

I know that a regular life will give me regular results but I want something different. That’s the vision I have and that’s why I get back up everytime I’m knocked down!

So what is your vision?