Stand back up!

How often do you give up???

Odds are you have quit something at some point in your life. I know a lot about this. Actually the reason I am even thinking about this is because I recently quit something. I am a part of this amazing community that teaches me how to work the home networking business world. This company (MLSP) has daily wake-up calls that offer a daily mindset/personal development boost to keep you going. For months I plugged in every morning and learned from the greats in the industry but, sadly I fell into the pit of late mornings and for the sake of more sleep, I started skipping the calls more and more often. Until I completely stopped even trying to wake up and listen. The result??? A month of struggling to stay on track and basically caring enough… so today, i had errands to run, so I got on the website to listen to some of last weeks recordings. Somehow, whenever I am struggling and really searching for motivation, I always choose the perfect thing to help me. (God has his ways!) So I picked Ron Gelok’s call about Moving Forward After Setbacks. It’s amazing how a mere 15 minutes can make a difference in your day!

His message spoke to me in a few different levels. For one, I realized how important these calls really were to my daily motivation level! It also made me think about the bad reasons that we use in order to quit, whether its a job, a fitness program, or on life. He used the example of oxygen, just because it’s hard to breathe (because we have a cold or allergies) doesn’t mean that we can decide that it’s too hard to try and that we should quit. We literally have to keep trying no matter how hard because we need oxygen. He called this an “absolute truth”, a fact of your life that keeps you going regardless of the struggles you face. Think of the picture I took of the steps leading to my house. They have pieces that have broken off (it’s an old house), now think about if you had been the one to trip when the piece broke. It would probably hurt and it would be frustrating and annoying and you might want to sit on the ground and feel bad about yourself for tripping and if people saw, you may feel embarrassed. It’s a sucky (that’s a word in my brain) experience but, just because it really sucks, it doesn’t mean that you will no longer try to get inside the house. You would get up, walk up the steps, and go inside.

So, why is it that when we trip in other areas of our life, we don’t get back up? You can practically have setbacks in every aspect of life; in your relationships, in your faith, in your business, and in your health. Ron suggested for us to look back at all our past setbacks, and realize that we have overcome every one of them! We can overcome all things. I can personally say that I’ve had setbacks in all areas of life and I’ve tripped a thousand times! Sometime I have risen and seen the glory of not quitting. Sometimes I quit and I lost out on the victories possible.

But!!!…the point is, that we CAN overcome each setback. And doing so only makes us stronger. All the greats conquered every struggle that came their way. This is what makes them great! History doesn’t recall the guy who said it was just too hard and decided to do something else instead and it definitely doesn’t remember the guy who tried everything for two weeks and then quit. Be great. Choose to stay in the game until the end even if you fall, trip, or bump into people. The struggle with sweeten the prize.