How to Deal with Haters

I really don’t like the “haters” trend.

While I understand that we shouldn’t allow people’s opinions and negativity get to us. I don’t want to have haters… I want to attract people that I can show love to.

I know that’s it’s impossible to have everyone love you but we’re supposed to love each other, we’re supposed to love everybody. That includes people you like and people you don’t, and even people that don’t like you!

Jesus says to love your enemies, so I have to love the haters. “If you love only those who love you why should you get credit for that? Even sinners love those who love them!” Like 6:32

Jesus says to love others just like he loved everyone and he got freaking crucified!

So if he can love the people that killed him, we can love people that troll us online and the people who don’t show support all the time. Show people love and eventually they’ll only be able to respond with love towards you!

I love you all!

In our world kindness is seen as a negative trait. “nice guys finish last”? This mentality causes us to want to act the opposite way! We act up and get mean to show people how strong we are. But while everyone is busy trying to fend off the “haters”, how many of us are trying to attract people to love?

It shows so much more strength to be kind to people than to be mean! Kindness is NOT a show of weakness, it’s a show of STRENGTH! When someone is trying to be mean, beat them with kindness! The best way to ward off haters is to turn them into lovers (not dirty!)