God Laughs At Our Plans.

My chosen profession at 5 years old was Artist.

I mastered the human body when my kindergarten teacher asked me to draw a person using only shapes.

I was taught that most artists become famous only after death so I quickly thought of another profession where I could use my creativity and still make a living. I picked fashion designer! My mom helped me sew clothes for my brats dolls and I had a full portfolio by 5th grade. My librarian instilled a hope in me so strong I knew exactly what school I wanted to go to and what classes to take in high school. In 10th grade I applied to the art instruction schools that promised 19 transferable credits! I was accepted but sadly we couldn’t afford it. In 11th grade I learned that I wouldn’t be able to afford the Art Institute either and that I couldn’t apply for scholarships.

It broke my heart!

I gave up my dreams and I moved on to what I felt was my next passion. I had loved taking Psyche and I could start at my community college and work towards my PhD from there. I took all the classes I could, I got an Associates with 30 extra credits to transfer. I still couldn’t afford a 4 year school. I decided to take a break but it killed me knowing I might never actually do what I like. I looked into Cosmetology I found out it cost as much as finishing my bachelor’s! So I googled jobs that would fit me and I stumbled upon life Coaching.

It sounded perfect!

Exactly what I liked to do! I took free courses and got online certificates! That’s when I fell into the nutrition world. I learned soo much and I loved it!!! It was a way for me to help people. When I was offered to be a health coach, I didn’t think it would be a fit but I took a shot…now I get to use all my skills and I can put art into anything I do, from taking pictures, writing for my blog, to making yummy meals, all the while helping people change their lives!

I didn’t know this was an option when I was 5 but I’m glad, because I probably would have found some way to talk myself out of it.

You can never truly plan out your life, what happens, happens!