Free Leads for MLM – Seriously?

The easiest way to get free leads for MLM is by commenting on blogs that have relevancy to the product you are trying to promote.

When you’re just starting in internet marketing you need to aim to leave comments on as many blogs as you can find.

Not every comment you leave will be accepted by the blog master and not every comment you leave will get a click thru from a reader. The swiftest way to find blogs that’ll be relevant to your product though, will be by pasting this into your Google search box:

site: inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “your product”

This essentially means that the term blog is incorporated in the URL and you can publish a comment while not having to sign in. The minus means Google will forget any blogs in which are not open for comments, and where you need to be signed in.

Obviously “your product” is anything you are selling.

Look For Active Blogs & Forums

Be aware of the dates of posts, you do not need to waste your time posting comments on inactive blogs.

If you have the SEOQuake toolbar on your computer, this will tell you the Page Rank of the blog you are looking at. Page Ranks go from 0 to 9, so if you comment on blogs with a page rank above two or three, the quality of the link you get in exchange is better and Google will reward you for that.

The more participators in a blog the higher chance you will have to comment on other folk’s posts and the site’s articles. When you leave your comment be sure it is useful. The blog master is giving you a valuable link so leave something valuable in exchange. A useless comment is no good to the blog master and it’s going to be deleted, so you have wasted your time. Sometimes even if you do leave a good comment it may be removed, sadly you are at the mercy of the blog master.

This is why you’ll have to spend hours blog commenting. The benefit is that you’re going to get links back to your website regardless of whether you get people opting in, which should bring your website up in the rankings.

Look for DoFollow Blogs

Many sites permit you to make public a comment , however they don’t allow you to leave backlinks for your internet site. No follow blogs are not going to provide advantage to you, so go on to the next .

You will be able to understand if the names in the comment boxes are picked out in blue, i.e. Links and one or two blogs allow you to put 2 links in the comment box. If you wish to get leads then you definitely should funnel people that click your link to an opt-in page where you can obtain their e-mail and other information you need.

Make a spreadsheet of all the blogs you have visited and you may shortly develop a liaison with people that visit that blog and the webmaster if he is keen on your comments.

Your target should be to pen in a way that makes others click your link. They might not click your link or register right away but if they see you are a regular visitor and they start to trust you, they can in time. Keep at it and you can create a big list of free leads for your MLM!