How to Have Constant Energy

Often, I need to be reminded, that I can do this. Whatever it is, I forget to plug in to the source of energy that keeps me going. ” God is the source of all energy ” – Peale.

“The body is designed to produce all needed energy over an amazingly long period of time. If the individual takes reasonable care of his body from the standpoint of proper diet, exercise, sleep, no physical abuse, the body will produce and maintain astonishing energy and sustain itself in good health.

If he gives similar attention to a well-balanced emotional life, energy will be conserved. But if he allows energy leaks caused by hereditary or self-imposed emotional reaction of a debilitating nature, he will be lacking in vital force.” – Peale

We were made as these perfect machines but any machine stops working when it runs out of power. To stay plugged in, pray as follows ” Dear God, you are the source of all energy. You are the source of the energy in the sun, in the atom, in all all flesh, in the bloodstream in the mind. I hereby draw energy from You as from an illimitable source.”