Is Coaching For ME?!?!?

Complimentary Discovery Coaching Session

  • 1 hour
  • Free
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Service Description

The purpose of this session is to find out if coaching is for you. NOT everyone is ready to use coaching as a tool to help them advance in life. Coaching requires YOU to be coachable and it requires you to trust that someone can be in YOUR CORNER helping YOU win! What will YOU do in this session? You will be open, honest, and real. I need you to tell me what you REALLY need and what you REALLY want. By being honest and open, I will be able to untangle some of the great ideas and desires that are in your head. Together, we can come up with a legit plan of action to get the ball rolling. You will be on time, prepared, and WILLING. That way we can be serious and get down to business! You will be YOURSELF. We are finding out if this will help YOU, not "joe" down the street or the online "guru" you want to be like. I want to help YOU! This is the place where you can let down your guard and just BE. What will I do??? I'm going to jump right in. I will ask you questions. These questions are not a bad thing! They are the base of HOW we will untangle those ideas you have and make them into a foundation for the life you are trying to build. What can you expect from me as a coach and what can you expect during this session??? Well, to start, we will go over your intake form and I'll ask some questions to understand YOU a little bit better. Then we will a real conversation and I will share what I believe would be beneficial with you! Then at the end, you get to ask me any questions that you feel you need to ask. You can expect me to be: honest open persistent MYSELF. How will this take place??? You will set this session on here, this page you are on, right now... and you will have to answer some questions, don't freak out, just be real. You will receive an email with confirmation details. (please double-check the time because I am in MOUNTAIN TIME and we don't want to miss our session!) You will also receive details about the site that you have to visit for the session to begin. YOU MUST BE ONLINE WHEN THE SESSION IS TO START! Then. Just be there and be ready to chat! :) Why is this a "chat" session and not a phone call or a video chat??? Because I want you to feel comfortable and take the time to answer honestly without wondering if I'm reading into your nervous face or mannerisms. I think you have to CHOOSE what you want to share and I want to HONOR that choice. (but like, if you suck at typing, just email me and we will work around it!) :D

Please Read The Entire Cancellation Policy

For cancellations/ rescheduling please contact us 24 hours to avoid being charged. Any "no show" will be considered a completed session and you will be charged for the full price of the session. For the initial complimentary session, please contact us before the session if anything comes up in order to be able to reschedule as a complimentary session, if a no show occurs for the complimentary session, any following sessions must be paid sessions ONLY.

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