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The coaching industry has gained unprecedented growth and experts predict it will continue to grow beyond 2022. While many people know the value of coaching, many more who could truly benefit from coaching services don’t even know such a thing exists or how to go about finding a coach they love once they do.

I have personal experience with some online platforms as both a client and a coach. As a client, I experienced the overwhelm of being inundated by phone calls and emails of nearly a dozen coaches, half of whom were not remotely what I had requested. As a coach, I scoured the internet to find a platform that was just fair. Many charged pricy fees to join or unconscionable commissions to coaches.

I felt inspired to create a platform that serves both clients and coaches. One that offers clients resources to improve their life and the convenience of matching them with the right coaches or the ability to choose their own. One that offers coaches a fair and practical way to showcase their expertise and connect with potential clients to do what they are most passionate about…helping others achieve their dreams. With these key elements in mind, Life Coach Library evolved.

Life Coach Library