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Because the available program is an information program, I cannot give refunds once your sale is processed. The only way to acceptably REQUEST a refund would be to get an official doctor's note from your primary physician with information stating that you have a disease/disorder that would not allow ANY of the information in this program to be useful for you at ANY point in your health future. You would need to email me and request the refund information within 2 weeks of buying the program and then must return a scanned copy of the medical note within 4 weeks. Without asking for the refund request before the 2 week period, I will not be able to accept the doctor's note within the total 6 week period after the sale. After 6 weeks, I cannot process the refund. The reason must be medically sound and not based on an opinion of whether or not the program is useful right now or not. It must be because of a disorder that does not fit within these nutrition and health guidelines. During the initial request, I will ask that you explain the situation so that I can request the needed information from your doctor, this is the first step. If the reasoning is not valid, I will not approve the second step of the refund request.  A refund is not guaranteed in any case. 


Program Disclaimers


This program does NOT guarantee any type of results or retaining of information. It is the user's responsibility to apply the information in order to gain results and learn from the program. This program cannot guarantee any health benefits. The User agree's upon sale that their participation is voluntary and on their own individual or group basis and at their own risk. I recommend speaking to a doctor/physician before making any decision about your health. This program is not supervised by a medical professional and none of the information should be understood as medical or professional health advice. The user must understand that TAKING PART IN PHYSICAL EXERCISE, SPORT, FITNESS, AND OTHER RECREATIONAL OR PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES COMES WITH AN INHERENT RISK OF INJURY, DAMAGE, ILLNESS, OR LOSS. Upon sale or access to this program, the user waives any right to file a lawsuit against or Rocio Flores for any injury or loss resulting from participating in the health program. The user releases Rocio Flores and any affiliates associated with Know-It-All Nutrition Weight Management Program from any claim or lawsuit for personal injury, damage, or wrongful death, by the user or anyone associated with the user. 


In the event any provision of this Wellness Program Waiver for Know-It-All Nutrition Weight Management Program and Relief of Liability Form is found to be legally invalid or unenforceable for any reason, all remaining provisions will remain in full force and effect. This Wellness Program Waiver for Know-It-All Nutrition Weight Management Program and Release of Liability is binding upon me as well as my heirs, children, personal representatives, or anyone else entitled to act on my behalf


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