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We are NOT perfect. We all come from different backgrounds with different values and hopes in life and we all require different sets of actions to achieve our dreams. Perfection is not the goal but growth is. I believe it is important to recognize that we can Grow and take control of the people we want to become. The following are the core steps I believe are necessary for this to happen.

Self Initiative

Any type of development requires the inital steps of deciding that:

  1. change is necessary

  2. change is possible

  3. change is wanted

we will walk through each of these steps and work through any Mental Blocks that are keeping you from making the decision to grow.

Reach Out

We can't do it all alone. Sometimes we need someone to help us through the process. 

Having an unbiased observer can help recognize:

  • unhelpful habits

  • damaging thought patterns

  • logical inconsistencies

  • Mental Blocks

and help you see a brighter future.


Part of growing requires opennes to learning new information which may include:


  • reading

  • watching videos

  • listening to podcasts

  • tracking daily habits

  • talking to peers

Take Action

Knowledge is great

but knowledge will only get you as far as you use it.


We will create action plans that  involve


  • Specific

  • Measurable

  • Achievable

  • Realistic

  • Timely

goals. And accountablility plans that will ensure that you follow through.

Grow Into The Best You By Rocio Flores.j

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