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Tired of Yo-Yo Dieting?

Tired of hearing the same tips and tricks and not understanding them?

Tired of being told what to do even though it doesn't work FOR YOU!

Tired of not knowing what to do once you hit your goal weight?

Tired of the one-size-fits-all approach to your INDIVIDUAL AND UNIQUE health goals???

kian box template finished big.jpg
kian box template finished big.jpg



you could plan your own program and ALLOW yourself the freedom of choosing your own speed and your own goals?


you had easy access to all the information you need when you need it?


you could focus on REALISTIC expectations, experiences, and challenges?


you could focus on your ENTIRE WELLBEING and how it affects your physical results?


you could prioritize LONGTERM changes over temporary fixes and band-aid diets?


you could focus on your own PERSONAL decisions instead of forcing yourself to adhere to someone else's plan?


you could actually know what you're doing and why?


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This program is not like other programs:


  • Simplified explanations to get started quick AND detailed information for when you hit a point of doubt!

  • Focus on PHYSICAL, MENTAL, AND SOCIAL wellbeing. 

  • Explanations focus on helping you learn HOW to make decisions rather telling you what to do. 

  • You get to choose your starting point and a realistic end goal. 

  • You get to learn how to find the RIGHT kind of support YOU need. 

  • The focus is always on YOU and what YOU need to KNOW!


Special Features:

  • 5 Sections

    • Make-It-Mindset

      • Focus on having the right mindset for long-term lifestyle changes and learn HOW to make real changes to your deeply rooted habits and beliefs.

    • Nutrition Knowledge

      • Have all the nutrition information available to understand HOW & WHY your body works the way it does and HOW & WHY dietary changes change your weight.

    • Crush Your Challenges

      • Focus on REAL challenges you will experience and how HOW to tackle them in a positive way. 

    • Successful Support

      • Focus on learning to find the right kind of support and managing the wrong kind of support in your life. 

    • Plan-Your-Program

      • A step by step process to help you make a personalized plan that you can fit into any time of your life!

  • Videos, Reading, Forums, & Coaching

    • Videos for simple explanations

    • Reading for detailed information

    • Forums for your questions to be answered

  • Easy to Access PDF GUIDES & Printables

    • Printable Food Journal

    • Printable Grocery Planner

    • Printable Meal Planner 

  • ***Online Chat Coaching Support Available***

    • Coaching for accountability and encouragement available

    • Live written chat for convenience and easy access to conversation transcript

    • Focus on accountability, encouragement, education, and REAL results.

    • Access to the coach's experience, ideas, and community

  • Plan-Your-Program Setup
    • Non-basic packages include an extra session where the coach fills out the plan your program section with you and does the formula math FOR you!
    • Walks you through the step-by-step process of getting your personalized macronutrient and daily caloric needs 

*** Coaching sessions are available separately and on a first come first serve basis, to set an appointment please click here.

Are you ready???

 **KIAN = Know-It-All Nutrition

Click here to CHOOSE the full KIAN PROGRAM NOW!

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