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About Rocio Flores

my god daughter and i
ray higdon and rocio flores at live the dream 7

Rocio Flores is a young woman in her 20’s determined to live a different type of life. Willed by the American Dream, she has started her own business and has committed herself to achieve success. Her definition of success is defined by homeschooling her future children, whilst working from home, and living in a tiny house with a greenhouse and chicken coup and a huge library (that will somehow fit inside).  She and her Husband TonyRay live in a small town in Colorado where there isn’t a lot to do but the fun is found in hobbies and their pet cat Sly. Rocio was born in Mexico and brought as a child to the states, where she was raised in the city and moved to a rural town in her teen years. There she met the love of her life and finished school. The couple has since created a grandiose yearning for a life filled with love, peace, and happiness among the chaos and disarray of their surroundings and their own minds. Follow the life of a girl trying to navigate her reality while also encouraging others to create better ones for themselves.

Okay, that's the nice and pretty version :) to learn more about my upbringing and my experiences with childhood trauma, domestic abuse, poverty, and mental health, listen to the audio below. Keep reading to learn more about my experiences that led to choosing coaching as my career and why I do what I do. is blog website ran by Rocio Flores that focuses on topics relating to Career, Health, and Personal Development. shares content, products, resources, and coaching services. Mission Statement's Mission is to provide valuable content and resources that helps people make informed decisions and take effective steps toward achieving their life goals.

I, Rocio Flores, want people to understand the decision making process, to understand the realities and challenges that come from making those decisions, and to ensure that all decisions taken lead to a meaningful, impactful, and purpose-driven life. 

Values's Values are: Truth, Open-mindedness, Self-reflection, Flexibility, Balance, Perseverance, Knowledge, and Love.

purpose's Purpose is to give people the ability to see both sides of the argument and the information to choose which side they agree with, to let them in on the conspiracies that may alter their decision making, and provide avenues of thought that allow for searching and understand new views and concepts. 

Vision's Vision is to create leaders who make empowered choices and can help others do the same. I want to see a world where asking for help leads to actually getting help, where it is not a bad thing to change, and where growth is always the goal. I want to create inspiring influencers.

my husband and i being silly while doing our bible study
parks are my favorite places!

My Life Story

My Perfect Coaching Client

I want to work with people who are weird; unafraid to stand out, to speak  up for what they care about, to not fit the status quo. 

I want to work with people who are learners; always open to knowing more, understanding more, and questioning the world around them.

I want to work with people who are good; always caring about others, choosing empathy, and hoping to make a change. 

I want to help people openly thrive and engage in their environment without compromising their values or principles and while embracing their personalities and experiences.

Experience & Qualifications

I, Rocio Flores, graduated high school as a Language Arts Crest Scholar and Honor Student. I was also Co-Editor and Advertising Manager for the Mosaic Literary magazine and was published as a writer and photographer. I went to CHSAA National Forensic League State Tournament and have since been a Judge for high school students since 2011. 


I graduated From Aims Community College with an Associate of Arts in Psychology and as a member of Phi Theta Kappa.


I was the number 1 salesperson in the state of Colorado while working with Slimgenics Inc. 


I was awarded a certificate of completion for My Own Business course. 


I started studying Coaching practices from courses offered by Julia Stewart and Marketing from MyLeadSystemPro in 2014.


I have been professionally coached through MLSP's coaching program.


I have been trained in: SEO & Google Analytics, Social Media Strategy and Ad formation, Copywriting, Ebook creation, Web Design, Graphic Design, Market Research, Content Creation, and Lead Generation. 


I have Administrative experience in Business Development, Management, Promoting,  and Virtual Assisting.


I am a trained Expert Peer Coach through Prevail Health Solutions.


I am certified in Mental Health First Aid. 

I have diplomas in Health & Fitness, Sports Nutrition, Leadership & Management, and Social Media Marketing From Shaw Academy. 

I have an EQF Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Principles of Nutrition From Shaw Academy

My 2014 College graduation from Aims Community College

My SELF-Development Journey

I coach people in career, health, and personal development so it's only logical that I too have had my own journey in each of the categories. The very reason I help people with these topics is because I understand the total overwhelming and confusing nature of them. For topics that pretty much make up our existence, there is a lot of difficulties wrapped around them. 


I, too, know what it's like to not know what I want to do with my life, to finish college and not find work in my field, and to learn that I fit into a different industry altogether. I originally wanted to be an artist, but growing up in a poor immigrant family meant I needed to do something that would help me take care of them one day. I chose to go to college and study psychology and I graduated with an associate degree and 30 extra credits toward a bachelor's. Again finances put a rock in my path and I turned to learning about building a home business. I have studied Marketing from top industry experts since 2014 and have been coached by them as well. I finally put the pieces together and learned proven methods to run an effective business. I can attest to the saying that "what you don't pay in cash, you pay in time." It has taken me time to learn and to do this all on my own but I know have a greater appreciation and knowledge of how it all works. 


All the while, i've had to manage my own health. From mental health to physical health, I've had to learn much about how the human body and mnd work. I grew up thin but gained weight throughout college. I initially lost the weight and worked as nutrionist, took nutrition courses, and successfully helped over 200 hundred people lose anywhere from 30 to 100 or more pounds. And then it happend... I started to gain it all back. This is the crux of the weight loss industry, that 95 % of people gain their weight back. This is where I started to recognize the mind-body connection. There was a reason I was struggling and constantly reaching for unhealthy treats. 


I had struggled with mental health issues since the 8th grade. I didn't know what it was back then, but the symptoms plagued me all throughout my high-school and college career. It wasn't until psyche 101 that I realized that there might be a name for the issues I was dealing with. It took a lot of  time, therapy, medication, and several intimidating doctor visits to get to my diagnosis. I was given the title of Severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Cyclothymia, along with depression, anxiety, and PTSD symptoms. 


Enter Personal Development ->  Sometimes, we just don't know everything and it takes someone or something to help us see what we are blind to. I've worked with therapists, pastors, and coaches, read plenty of books, taken courses, and done programs to help me learn about my Thoughts, Behaviors, Habits, Emotions, and the links between them. Humans are complicated creatures but we are also incredibly capable of molding the world around us. I have learned proven methods to taking back control of my thought processes, emotional responses, and formed habits. 


I've done the work, sometimes the hard way, and now I can share my journey and I can help others through theirs so that they don't struggle as much! 

saturday morning ritual , breakfast, coffee and my cat sly
my mother in law and brother in law and us going to a cinco de mayo event in denver colorado
me and my best friend taking pictures in Greeley colorado art district murals
Meeting Keysha Bass at Live The Dream 7 Network Martketing Training Event , she eventually became one of my business coaches !
my family during christmas time with my grandparents visiting from mexico
my cousin and my husband hanging out!

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